If Season 1 established the world of Better Call Saul, it really comes into its own in Season 2. This is a series that displays so much confidence and knows what it wants to be – a character-driven suspense drama. It never panders to anyone. If your main complaint is “it is so slow”, then IMHO the failure is yours. It never, not for one second, stoops down to give you generic action scenes, car chases or scenes synchronised to heightened music. The story isn’t based on these staples; it is instead based on drawing out compelling characters in “true to life” situations. For Breaking Bad fans, we already know how each one of the characters would pan out, but how Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould lay out the groundwork is nothing short of amazing. In a million years I wouldn’t be able to guess BCS is about the love between brothers and sibling jealousy.

If Season 1 introduces the two main characters – Jimmy and Mike, I feel this season is all about Chuck. What a fine actor! I pity him as much as I want to slap him under a gigantic fluorescent light. Not for Howard Hamlin though; that “always turns up his nose” face, I feel like bashing! And I love the gun dealer. If I want to buy a weapon, I would want to buy it from that fella. What a character!

Each episode of Season 1 can at times feel it is about one thing stretched out to 50min. Season 2 does a much better job with this deliberate pacing. Each time the story centres on Jimmy, I couldn’t wait to see what happens to Mike, and vice versa. The finale hits my G-spot. None of that stupid cliffhangersame-old-same-old. It just closes a chapter on the characters and they are a few steps closer to what they will become in BB. I can’t wait to find out more about them.

This is one of the best series currently on TV and I can confidently say there is nothing out there that even resembles BCS.

Rating 4 / 5